We Are Your Pilotage Service

As a skilled captain guides a ship through unknown waters, our role as publishers is to help authors safely navigate the choppy waters of getting their message to the marketplace.

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Our Publishing Approach

  • Author Centric - We believe every author we select to publish has something important to say to the world.
  • Quality Focused - We follow all the criteria defined by the Independent Book Publishers Association's list for reputable hybrid publishers.
  • Professionalism - We use certified project management principles combined with creative flexibility with all our books.
  • Beyond The Book - We have programs to help our authors move to a greater presence in the marketplace.

Submission Requirements

We want to ensure we are the right publisher for you and this is the right time for you to apply.

Pilotage Publishing is for authors who have completed or are close to completing their manuscripts. If you are in the beginning stages of writing your book and do not have a manuscript we highly suggest you wait until you are at that point. We have an alternative program, Publish Your Message, that guides you from concept to finished manuscript. 

Submission Process

We value every submission and take your writing seriously.

We review every application. The average estimated response time is 6 weeks or less. If you are not accepted to be published, you will receive a letter giving you helpful recommendations for your book from our editors. (Disclaimer: Not all manuscripts are accepted for publication.)

Because of our time investment, there is a $35 fee to review your application. After your fee is processed, you will be taken to the application form and a place to upload the first chapter of your manuscript. We look forward to reading your submission!

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